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Ningbo Sibo.X industrial equipment Co., Ltd. is a fast growing high-tech enterprise which combines R&D, production and sales. The manufacturing base are located in shanghai, and the team of R&D in Ningbo city of Zhejiang province, which are focus on resolving various production process demand for heating and thermal drying, curing…. has been serviced for the domestic aerospace, automobile manufacturing, auto parts, communications industry, electronics industry, machine manufacturing industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, new material &energy industry, metal plastic industry, household appliances and mobile phone manufacturing industry etc. Providing the perfect solution, therefore enhance the competitiveness in its industry.

We specialize in custom industrial oven and furnace, each system with to be turn key, efficient, low maintenance, and cost effective. Main supplied with high capacity oven, automatic drying control of conveyor furnace(tunnel oven),have the unlimited design capabilities in aspect of automatic drying, solidification solutions for industrial manufacturing, food processing and for any possible industry, has a vast range of top performance industrial ovens for your application with maximum temperature uniformity, superior heat ramp up ,recovery and over-temperature protection.

Sibo.X stays ahead of it's competitors by creating custom efficient equipment and to ensure will last lifetime we can provide:
①Steady and stability state testing
②Temperature uniformity test& Thermal shock testing.
③Insulation test
④Shelf life test and running test.
Our Chinese characteristics& advantages:
ⅠConveyor belt system oven, where the uniform air-flow distribution allows a perfect drying performance along all the tunnel. Unique design of sheet metal lap and system of air duct adjustment, ensure excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation performance and temperature uniformity and save energy.
ⅡProtection device: PID self-setting, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing, timing alarm power off when the temperature arrives, over-temperature power off, leakage protection, motor overload protection, control line fuse, no fuse switch and other electrical accessories; With intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LED display, and SSR solid-state relay output, the accuracy of temperature can be precisely controlled. Independent development of powerful control software, easy to understand the control interface, with excellent control performance.
Ⅲ The inner liner material is made of mirror 304# stainless steel plate. The argon arc welding can prevent dust from the machine. High temperature powder paint with 2.0mm cold binding plate for enclosure; The inner cleanliness can reach a level of clean environment。Double over-temperature protection, more reliable safety; Design the air duct of the oven according to the product features, with good temperature uniformity;
Ⅳ Fast heating time, accurate temperature stability;
Ⅴ As we adopted Domestic first-class material of thermal insulation and high-tech of thermal insulation, seal effect remarkable, in another side the oven in double liner, so low temperature of body shell has little effect on indoor environment temperature.
Ⅶ Energy and power saving, strong safety performance;
VI Overall welding production, ensure the strength of equipment and dust-proof. The inner tank is made by full welding to effectively prevent high temperature water vapor from penetrating into the insulation layer and causing corrosion and water seepage of the equipment.
IV Automatic exhaust control system, can set the exhaust curve according to the user’s product working condition, and achieve the purpose of energy saving under the premise of ensuring the process.
VII All electrical accessories adopted the well-knew brand,such as Schneider,OMRON etc.

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